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Interfaith Conversation 2019

Interfaith Conversation 2019

October 30, 2019

In October 2019, Prince of Peace Catholic Parish in Hoover, Alabama offered an interfaith panel discussion on the shared Abrahamic heritage of Christians, Muslims, and Jews. This is an audio recording of the event. The panelists were asked to address the importance of interfaith understanding, respect, and cooperation. 

Opening and closing the program was Prince of Peace Pastor Father John Fallon.

The moderator was Edel Flannelly. The event was organized by Dr. Dale Wisely, Director of Family Life and Megan Everett, Director of Formation.


Rabbi Jonathan Miller provided leadership for Temple Emanu-El from 1991 until his retirement in 2017. During his time in Birmingham, Rabbi Miller was not only a strong advocate for Birmingham’s Jewish community, but a leader in interfaith conversation and an advocate for justice in many arenas. Rabbi Miller is now happily retired and living in Washington DC near his children and their families.

Imam Doctor Sameh Asal is the religious and spiritual leader of the Birmingham Islamic Society. Before moving to Birmingham, he served as the Imam of the Islamic Association of West Virginia and the Islamic Assocation of Raleigh, NC. He obtained his BA, MA, and Ph.D. with first class honors in Islamic Studies in English from Al-Azhar University in Cairo. Imam is married to Amira and they have four children. Dr. Asal has been active in interfaith activities since moving to Birmingham in 2016.      

We welcome Reverend Susan Clayton to our panel and to Prince of Peace. Reverend Clayton joined the staff of Independent Presbyterian Church in 2001 as Associate Pastor for Community Ministries. She is a native of Birmingham and received her BA degree from Emory, and her Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School in 1988. She was ordained in 1988 and since her ordination has served as a hospital chaplain, a pastoral counselor, and as pastor or associate pastor in three churches in the Birmingham area.

Fr. Joy Nellissery has been associate pastor at Prince of Peace since July 2018. He has served the Diocese of Birmingham at the Cathedral of St. Paul, St Peter the Apostle in Hoover, St. John the Baptist in Madison, and Our Lady Queen of the Universe in Huntsville.  Father Joy was ordained in 1988. He holds a Master of Social Work from Loyola College, Madras, and a PhD in psychology from the University of Georgia. Here at Prince of Peace, Father is in high demand as a teacher, and is particularly appreciated for his knowledge of the Jewish background of our scriptures and our liturgy.

Your Child Gets in Trouble at School

Your Child Gets in Trouble at School

November 28, 2018

Prince of Peace Director of Family Life, Dr. Dale Wisely, has been a child and adolescent psychologist for 36 years, including 24 years in clinical practice, followed by 12 years serving as a school district administrator at which, among other duties, he consulted with school officials about disciplinary practices. In this podcast, Dr. Wisely argues that parents should always do their best to support schools when their children are disciplined, even if they don't agree with the school. He argues that this approach is actually best for the disciplined child, "guilty" or "innocent." He also explains how adult responses to bullying episodes can often make things worse for the victim of bullying. Dr. Wisely hopes you enjoy and benefit from this 20-minute podcast. I know that's true because I am Dale Wisely and I wrote this. 

Author/Speaker Josh Ochs on Social Media and Youth

Author/Speaker Josh Ochs on Social Media and Youth

November 9, 2018

I do a lot of speaking on the topic of social media and youth. A few years ago, had a chance to work with Josh Ochs, whose work is dedicated to helping youth make positive use of social media, and helping parents stay informed about the always-changing social media world. I make extensive use of a set of free resources on Josh's website, I called Josh in Los Angeles to chat about some of those free resources and to pick his brain a bit on what's going on with social media. After we recorded the podcast, we agreed that soon Josh will have me as a guest on HIS podcast. We'll share that when that becomes available as well.

We know that parents often struggle with social media and, as always, we want to provide support, information, and assurances of our prayers as you work with your family through this complicated topic.

Dr. Dale Wisely
Director of Family Life
Prince of Peace


Blended Families with Dr. Julie McDonald

Blended Families with Dr. Julie McDonald

August 22, 2018

Birmingham psychologist Dr. Julie McDonald joins us to talk about blended families. Blended families are the result of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, which both husband and wife bring children from the previous marriage to the new family. Much of what Dr. McDonald discusses also applies to "simple stepfamilies" in which only one member of the couple has children from a previous marriage. 


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